The American Dust Bowl & "Out of the Dust" Webquest

The Dust Bowl occurred during the Great Depression Era in America.  During this time, too much farmland had been dug up to use for crops, with little attention given to the effects this would have on the environment.  The effects were not good, as you will see once you complete this Webquest for information about the Dust Bowl!

PART 1:  PHOTO ANALYSIS - Print out 5 photo analysis worksheets using Link #1.  Then, open the "Dust Bowl Photos" using Link #2.  Choose any 5 of the photos from the Dust Bowl Era and use the questions on the worksheet to analyze each picture.  When you have finished, you should have a good image in your mind of what the Dust Bowl looked like in America.

                    LINK #1 - Photo Analysis Worksheet

                    LINK #2 - Dust Bowl Photographs


PART 2:  ANATOMY OF A DUST BOWL - Read the excerpt about how the Dust Bowl began using Link #3.  Then, print out the "Anatomy of a Dust Bowl" worksheet (Link #4) & explain on each side of the T-chart what causes a dust bowl to happen.

                LINK #3 - Anatomy of  Dust Bowl Reading

                LINK #4 - Anatomy of a Dust Bowl Worksheet


Part 3:  SURVIVOR'S STORIES - Watch the video clip of a dust storm in Link #5.  Then, watch 2 or more survivors share their experiences in Link #6.  Fill in the assigned information on the "Anatomy of a Dust Bowl" worksheet from Link #5.

                LINK #5 - Video File of a Dust Storm

                LINK #6 - Survivors Tell their Dust Storm Stories

Part 4:  AUTHOR'S BACKGROUND - Use the information on the following page to learn about Karen Hesse, author of our novel!  Then, complete Part 4 of the "Anatomy of a Dust Bowl" worksheet. 

            LINK #7 - Author's Background